Iconic Images

The Old Actress 
by Wayman Adams

Officially, the painting is titled “The Old Actress,” and it first came into the Headliners Club in 1955. Some members liked her. Some couldn’t stand her. Over time she has gained the status of the Headliners mascot. She hangs proudly by the men’s restroom and as the saying goes… If she starts to look good to you, it’s time to go!

Frary Mural in the Caucus Room

Artist Michael Frary created a uniquely Austin, and certainly uniquely Headliners mural. When Headliners moved into its current location in the Chase Bank Tower, Frary updated the mural to include Headliners’ new home, the large bank tower. Newspaper clippings of Headliners members, Austin landmarks and historic events can all be seen woven into the mural.

Elroy P. Fitzgerald "Old Fitz" 
the official mascot of the Press Box.

In the Early '70s, while at the Westgate Building, a club within the Headliners was formed called "The Old Fitz" club. This group of friends met every Friday for lunch in the Press Box bar. Stories were told, never the same way twice, and new friendships and connections were made. The tradition continues with Old Fitz First Fridays in the Press Box.


Reflections of Yesterday
by G. Harvey

This iconic artist joined the Headliners Club in 1982. He immediately began loaning his famous paintings to the Club including one of Congress Avenue, which hung over the front desk. This painting was chosen as the official sesquicentennial painting of Texas in 1986 and taken away on a tour of Texas. The Chairman of the Club decided Headliners should have its own G. Harvey painting of Congress Avenue, so one was commissioned. Because the artist never exactly replicated a painting, he moved the Capitol from the middle in the sesquicentennial painting to the right in the Headliners one.

The club also owns another G. Harvey painting entitled “West Texas Mesa” and a bronze called “Pulling Leather.”

Historic Newspapers
& Political Cartoons

A salute to its roots in journalism, the Headliners Club boasts an amazing collection of historic newspapers. Headlines from moments that changed the world, and shaped Austin can be found on the walls. Stroll down the hall on the 20th floor for papers that date back to the late 1800s. In the halls of the 21st floor and in the Press Box are front pages from significant moments in politics, war and society.

The cartoons in the Press Box and in the men’s room reflect on the influence of the Press on the Headliners Club. All of these are original cartoons created for or about the Headliners Club and its members.

Headliners Library

A collection like no other! The Headliners Library consists entirely of books written by Headliners members. Books from people in all walks of life, some from lauded authors, journalists, Nobel prize winners, historians and political figures.